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Eric Church won 2020 CMA Award Entertainer of the Year Awards at last

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This year at 2020 CMA Award Entertainer of the Year Awards goes to Eric Church. Hats why he made an exceptional speech. Church said that that award is something what would make up for the loss of the year. He also said he had nominated several times for that award that never make it before. You can relate it with Leonardo DiCaprio. He also nominated for Oscar several times and before the year he won it he cried with disappointment. He astonished at the winning period but he also wants to say a lot.

In Eric’s opinion they all being together is the actual winning. After all the sufferings they had to suffer they made that to show up that night. He believes that music is the only thing that brought them together. Music tells all about unity. His victory at CMA Awards is a noted one. This award is mostly the very first year winning award for him. He is nominated 4 times for this award. In 2015, 2017 and 2019 this artist notched for Entertainer of the Year mentions.

He couldn’t make any tour in 2020 but he tries to make the best of it. He launches some songs like “Hell of a View”, “Crazy land” and “Bad Mother Trucker”. He tries to give us songs with a story. Sometimes not only a story something more than that. He is deeper than he looks like. On Route 91 Harvest Festival church stand behind. He is also survivor in “Through My Ray-Bans,”. His mind-blowing single “Stick That in Your Country Song,” shocks the country radio.

Church promised that songs like that will come more. This is the product of his recording retreat and marathon writing. He  & his team record 28 songs in North Carolina mountains on just 28 days.

His unconditional love and limitless effort for his passion bring him Entertainer of the Year award. On that journey he out through Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban.

Kenneth Eric Church is the actual name of Eric Church. This American country music singer born in Granite Falls, North Carolina. His parents are Rita and Ken Church. His father worked at Clayton Marcus in a furniture company. At the age of 13 he picks up a guitar and started to compose songs. He covered most of the song of Jimmy Buffet.  

Written by Sabita Shifa

Sabita Binta Azad Shifa completed her post graduation in Social Work under Jagannath University,Dhaka,Bangladesh. She is working for street children with LEEDO, Bangladesh. She completed her research paper from North Eastern Hill University, India. Besides she works with Toastmasters International ( a non profitable organisation) under Division .She is known for her travelling in Bangladesh. Her work is characterised by awareness of social Justice, outspoken against racism and injustice


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