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Elena Jane Goulding, mostly known as Elena Goulding, is a British singer who has elected as the #1 singer of Sound of… by the BBC in 2010. The 34-year-old electro-pop star is a very well-known face in the English music industry. Her first album was ‘Lights,’ which was the number one music album in the UK Album Chart by selling over 85000 copies all over the country.

Here, we will speak about Ellie Goulding’s tour throughout 2022. You will get every one of the essential pieces of information about the ticket value, date, time, area, and each of the single things you need to know in order to purchase the tickets for her show. So without burning through additional time, we should find out about these.

Ellie Goulding Tour 2022

The 34 years old pop star has announced all her timelines about her shows for 2021 & 2022.

We all know that 2020 was a horrendous year for us, and 2021 isn’t the exemption. In this case, the scenario is not different for the late times of 2021 and the early days of 2022. Ellie Goulding announced a schedule for her 2021 plan before the year started. But for the sake of health concern, all the planned tours and programs were demolished for her fans.

Ellie Goulding tickets

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Ellie Goulding tickets prices

So you’re over the moon excited about seeing Ellie Goulding in concert? You can’t wait to hear her newest album and see her latest shows? Well, I have some news for you. The ticket prices are going up! That’s right, ticket prices will be increasing because of a change in policy. So before buying your tickets make sure to check out this post and read our tips on how to get. The average price of $93.00 can be found at vocalbop.

cheap Ellie Goulding tickets

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Ellie Goulding Tour 2021
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Ellie Goulding tour canceled

Fans of Ellie Goulding got seven and nine shows in 2018 and 2019, respectively. After preparing for two years, there was a better expectation for 2021. Happy happened. She played herself only in August for the fans who enjoy live shows. The maximum amount stamp occurred online.

And the scenario of 2021 is worse than these. There were already two rescheduled events yet. She was about to perform in April, which could end in October. But the authority postponed the roadmap. 

The expected time is now starting from October 5, which will go off the 17th date of the same month. But there is still a lot of confusion and fear about rescheduling it again.

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Ellie Goulding world tour 2022

Keeping 2022 as a time of step up, the number is just about the same as the number of the concerts in the previous years. Ellie will perform seven events this year which can be extended to the next year. The journey may happen on October 5th at an international event in Ireland. 

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Ellie Goulding tour schedule 2022

The schedule is focused on the last quarter of 2022 as it is showing the date started from October to the last line of the month. There are in total seven shows in seven individual venues of different cities. The journey will begin at the Olympia Theatre of Dublin, and it will stop at London’s Evetime Apollo. All the concerts will be hosted at the indoor theatres of those particular cities and near every theatre are under O2 Academy.

Here is the Schedule of Ellie Goulding tour 2022:

Ellie Goulding tour has not yet been released. Stay with us, we will keep you updated whenever the schedule is published.

Ellie Goulding Tour dates near you 2022

The 2022 concerts are in a little confusion. That’s why the number of the shows is less than the expectations from the fans. But in the year 2022, the quantity will rise as expected because of getting back to everyday life. We are discussing every single thing’s depth by mentioning each event of Ellie Goulding’s tour 2022. Read now!

Ellie Goulding international tour

In 2020, there is only one event for international fans of Ellie Goulding. This only one concert will happen on 5th October of this year. The place is a very well known Olympia Theatre of Dublin.

Ellie Goulding tour Dublin

You all had heard this name before as the last Olympic was held in this city. Dublin is a very popular city inside Ireland. On 5th October, the show will start at the right time of 7:00 p.m. There. You have to pay £44 on average without VAT if you want to purchase a ticket. But there are low prices of the available which is £56. If you’re going to count the VIP ticket for yourself, then you need a counselor £129 for each VIP ticket on the ground floor standing.

After the only international concert, Ellie Goulding runs his rest of the musical shows inside the United Kingdom. The day will start from the 7th calendar date, just after two days of the international concert. 

Ellie Goulding tour in Glasgow

Ellie Goulding will do his debut on the domestic tour at the O2 Academy of Glasgow. If you want to get the cheapest ticket, then you need to count at least £29. Here I am mentioning some price below for the affordable moves:

  • Section stalls standing
  • Section unreserved balcony seating
  • Section balcony booth standing.

Those who want VIP packages can start counting from £71 for each person.

Ellie Goulding tour in Newcastle

After finishing the Glasgow part, she will move on to New Castle. She put her schedule on Saturday night for about 7 p.m. and the date is 9th October. There is also just the same as Glasgow in terms of pricing of the ticket for affordable rangers. You also need to account for £29. You just need to count that amount if you want yourself in this section stalls standing and the unreserved velocity sitting.

If you want to get section stalls standing or the unreserved balcony seating, you need to start paying from £35. And last but not least, if you are a VIP and want VIP facilities in that particular theatre, start your counting from €111.

Ellie Goulding tour Manchester

Hair the price is slightly higher than the last two shows considering all the trees are from the same organization. If you want to get a ticket to the Apollo of Manchester, you have to count at least £31. You will get a general admission standing area and other limited areas. Considering the current situation, if you want the resellable ticket, then you can count on £35 for each person. And if we move onto the premium section, and the VIP pricing starts from £72, and the official pricing of platinum members will start from £100, there is another VIP section known as ultimate VIP, where the cost is around £112.

Ellie Goulding tour Birmingham

The O2 academy of Birmingham will arrange the 5th performance of Ellie Goulding on 13 October at 7:00 p.m. That Wednesday will be a fairy charm full night indeed for the fans. Here you need to buy an affordable ticket for only £29. And the VIP packages will start from £111. A cheap ticket will be exclusively available in the unreserved stall standing. And considering the VIP packages, there will be two different types of VIP options.

Ellie Goulding tour Bournemouth

On 15th October, Bournemouth’s O2 Academy will show the full lighting for fans favorite Ellie Goulding. Her ‘Brightest Blue Tour’ will start the show at sharp 7:00 p.m. Here is also the pricing is the same as usual. You need to manage £29 for each affordable ticket. The VIP pricing is starting from £111 as the others.

Ellie Goulding tour London

It is the final show, Ellie Goulding. I will give her my best in London. The program will happen at the Eventim Apollo, one of the most famous theatres in that city. This highly decorated stadium is quite pricey than other theatres of O2.

You need to start counting from £35 to £41 for affordable tickets. Whereas the VIP persons have to start counting from £40 as the resell ticket, the original VIP tickets will begin from £75, containing a lot of adorable and unique gift bundles. The pricing will rise to £134. You want to get better accessibility within the VIP section.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this one. It’s finally here! Ellie Goulding has announced that she will be touring London and tickets are now available to purchase online via our schedule list above. Tickets start at £30 to £60 per person with VIP packages also available for those wanting a more luxurious experience.

When will the Ellie Goulding London concert start?

Ellie Goulding is coming to London for a concert on Monday, 18 October 2021, the schedule for the 2022 upcoming concert not yet published. The tickets are only £30 and the show starts at 7:00 pm. This will be her first performance in the UK since releasing Delirium so you don’t want to miss it.

Ellie Goulding tour setlist 2022

Here is the list below for the Ellie Goulding tour of 2022. There are 97% possibilities of getting these songs as the setlist of him. These are: 

  • On My Mind
  • Close To Me (Ellie Goulding, Diplo & Swae Lee Cover)
  • I Need Your Love
  • Love Me As You Do 
  • Burn
  • Anything Could Happen
  • Lights

These are the predicted encores for the fans from Ellie Goulding:

  • Outside
  • Your Song
  • Sixteen

Some songs may be from her latest album ‘Brightest Blue’, which was released last year, 2020.

Ellie Goulding Tour tickets 2022

This is the right time to buy the tickets before it is sold out. The primary benefit is that all the timetable has been intended to set on the indoor theaters. It will be well decorated and safety assured for the concerning health issues. All the theatres are well known and so famous according to the local perspective. Get the tickets online through Ellie Goulding’s right site or from TicketMaster directly.

How much is the Ellie Goulding tour ticket price?

There are seven shows in the Ellie Goulding show in four dedicated places that will occur in the year 2021, considering the last quarter. And, it will begin from Dublin to London. Here I am giving the list of where you will get the greatest and least cost of every area:

  1. Olympia Theatre, Dublin on 05 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £44-£129
  2. O2 Academy Glasgow on 07 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £29-£71
  3. O2 Academy Newcastle on 09 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £29-1£11
  4. O2 Apollo Manchester on 11 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £31-£112
  5. O2 Academy Birmingham on 13 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £29-£111
  6. O2 Academy Bournemouth on 15 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £29-£111
  7. Eventim Apollo on 17 October: The pricing of each ticket is between £35-£134

How do I buy Ellie Goulding tour Tickets for 2022?

Buying tickets through the official website is always recommended. As ticket selling is still available on the official website of Ellie Goulding, the most trusted alternative will be TicketMaster. They are famous and rich in this case, and they are the official distributor also. However, there are some different distributors. You can also check them out. 

How long is the Ellie Goulding tour concert?

Each concert consists of nearly 2 hours. In the meantime, there are expected to be around 19 songs covered. And at the end of the show, there can be at one, two, or three more songs for the encore. Ellie Goulding MI offers some surprises and extra performances through other artists. If you get them, it won’t be a surprise because her shows have previous records.


Here we all disgust the whole thing on Ellie Goulding tour 2022. Andhra Delhi, we have a fair wheel expectation from this year, but 2022 is waiting for something more amazing as Time flies. This is all about the tour plan and road maps of 2022. After getting the latest updates, we will also include the 2022 schedule of Ellie Goulding. Until then, stay with us.

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