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Ed Sheeran

“I am in love with the Shape of You,” says it all! Yes, we are here to talk about the singer of this worldwide admired song Shape of You. And you already know his name, Ed Sheeran.

From Thinking Out Loud to Photograph to Cross Me, all of his songs were just the perfect mixture of tuning and incredible voice!

Introduction to Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, a singer along with a songwriter is in love with music from his childhood. When he was a child, he was fond of playing guitars. He was born in West Yorkshire, the UK in 1991. His birth date was 17th February.

From the age of 11, he was a freak for music. He got to meet Damien Rice and got inspiration from him at an early age. He started recording his own CDs and was selling them to people. His first EP was The Orange Room.

He had the utmost love for music and so, he moved to London to chase his dreams when he was 14 years old. After going there, he started to join the live shows along with the SPs.

Another phase of his love was the online sector. There, he shared his performances and go immense love from the viewers. He got his songs to listen to the iTunes chart. He sang with Atlantic and thus, thousands of records were sold!

Music Career and Online Releases

After going to London, he started to sing like a local singer. He released two different albums named Want Some and another self-titled album. He released another EP named You Need Me in 2009.

What made him today’s “Star Ed Sheeran” is his online releases. And he is great at using the online media with great effectiveness. After he posted his songs online, those caught the attention of the other artists and he got proposals for road trips. And this is how he got famous!

Biggest Hits

After he started releasing his songs, the songs got a tremendous fan base. His debut studio album “+” become the favorite of his followers. He started to write songs for several artists. He co-wrote songs with Taylor Swift along with the band One Direction.

His song I See Fire along was featured in a movie named The Hobbit in 2014. After “+”, he released his album DIVIDE. His popular songs Don’t, Photograph and Thinking Out Loud was still running on people’s mind. At this moment, his fan got the album DIVIDE and the songs Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You.

There were listed as the top 1 and top 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. And the most recent release PERFECT is another hot favorite for his fans. He worked with Justin Bieber’s I DON’T CARE along with a singles lie Cross Me and Beautiful People.

Awards and Fame

He got awards and nominations for a lot of his music and songs. He got an honorary degree for contribution to Music from the University of Suffolk.

He has got the Grammy award for Song of the Year. He received five Brit Awards. He got two Ivor Novella Awards too!

Final Decree

Sheeran got his hands on both pop and folk-pop music genres. From amazing albums to incredible singles, we have seen him rocking the stage since he has got into the industry.

His fans and followings are increasing day by day and everyone is waiting for the new track by this marvelous singer and songwriter.

Written by Vocal Bop Desk

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