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Difference Between Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band

Ensemble and Symphonic Band
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Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band are two of the most popular music genres in the world. They can both be described as heavy metal or classical music. But which is better for your music?

Wind ensemble and symphonic bands are two instrumental groups that play similar literature but have different numbers of instruments. A symphonic band is much larger, with a lot more instruments going on, while the wind ensemble’s small numbers make it better for smaller concert halls and more complex pieces. The harder it is to control an ensemble when there are many musicians in an orchestra or band playing together (which makes these sorts of selections hard), but also creates virtuosic music opportunities as well.


Some pieces of music are written specifically for wind ensembles and don’t sound right when played in a symphonic band. For various reasons, the music for a wind ensemble must be more carefully constructed. One advantage is that players can take breaks while they perform in symphonic bands, which allows them to play longer than what would be possible with an equal number of people playing constantly. The instruments included within the group allow greater textural diversity as well as make it easier to reduce down one instrument per part when needed.

Wind Ensemble

The wind ensemble comprises the best musicians from different cities, towns, or schools. These ensembles are considered elite and each musician must perform with precision and accuracy for the group to be successful. Each player in this type of ensemble is responsible for maintaining good tone quality on their instrument so that any mistake during a performance won’t stand out too much but can still be heard above all others.

Symphonic Band

A greater number of flutes, clarinets, bassoons, euphoniums, trombones and tubas significantly increase the sound of a symphonic band. The typical symphonic band has between 90 and 100 musicians with a percussion section as well as woodwinds among its ranks. It is less critical for members of this ensemble to have high tone production on their instruments because individual instruments are masked more effectively in the larger group overall. These musical practitioners must avoid playing incorrect notes or rhythms but still perform at their best regardless.


The wind ensemble is able to create a more distinct sound where each of the individual instrument colors come through. The symphonic band, on the other hand, blends into a single homogeneous sound. Conductors have long argued over which ensemble provides the better sounding options for wind music.


Concert or symphonic bands are typically large ensembles, with numerous players on each part. Wind ensembles are smaller ensembles, with only one or two players on each part.

Public School Setting

In a public school setting, wind ensembles typically play more challenging music and contain advanced players, while concert bands are larger groups that play less challenging music. Often, school wind ensembles are audition-only groups where concert or symphonic bands welcome all levels of players.


A wind ensemble is a group of instruments that are played together to create sound. This type of music is typically used in outdoor settings and can be heard from miles away. The symphonic band, on the other hand, consists of many different types of woodwinds as well as brass and percussion instruments which make up one big unit with all the members playing at once.

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