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Calgary Stampede 2022 Show Updates, Tickets, and Live Streaming


“Calgary Stampede,” the biggest rodeo festival of Canada, has been announced to take place for 2022. Every July, this event makes this city go crazy for ten days. If you ever visit Calgary throughout the event, you would experience world-class Canadian hospitality in the city. Since the year 1912, the event has held the crown of July highlights. Visitors from all over the world arrive in Canada to catch this event live.

If you’re also interested in rodeo or planning to visit Calgary, this writing is for you. Here you’ll find every update of Calgary stampede 2022, tickets, schedule, line up, and details of live streaming.

Calgary stampede – The biggest Rodeo event

Well, Calgary Stampede is known as the biggest rodeo event in the world. Though the event root lies in Canada, rodeo fans visit Calgary every year to experience the event live. The crowd in the event of the Calgary stampede speaks up for its craze among people.

Calgary Stampede is not just a rodeo show but also an exhibition and festival. So, here you’ll find visitors who have come to experience the festival or exhibition only. Also, people of every age are allowed to join this ten-days event.

calgary stampede 2022
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 Here you’ll find the international professional cowboys competing in the rodeo competition. Besides, there are many interesting segments. As: bull riding competition, steer, wrestling, barrel racing, chuckwagon, grandstand show, fireworks, exhibits, square dancing, and many other traditional Canadian shows.

From the dress-up segments to the food and glamour, and everything makes Calgary Stampede stand adorable. 

Every year by July, the whole population of Canada gets busy preparing for this event. The Calgary Stampede is an ancient and traditional Canadian event. Here people gather to experience the biggest rodeo competition with the best rodeos.

Where will the Calgary Stampede 2022 take place?

Well, Calgary Stampede is a famous and traditional Canadian outdoor rodeo event. This is known as one of the most significant outdoor rodeo events all over the year.

To catch the event, you need to arrive in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And for having access to the venue, you would require tickets. The tickets would be online for any minute. So, make yourself prepared to enjoy Calgary Stampede live from the venue.

When did the first Calgary Stampede happen?

The first-ever Calgary Stampede happened in 1912. But since the year 1923, the event is known as the traditional; annual event of Canada. The show holds the breath of Calgary for ten days. This is more of a live event of celebration to the locals. They are seen to warm-heartedly welcome fans of rodeo in this event. This show is known as the most significant summer welcome gift in Canada. So, visitors, every year found to spend their summer vacation in Canada.

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Is the 2021 Calgary Stampede canceled?

The Calgary Stampede authority has promised to try their best to organize the event. This year many events avoid taking any health risks because of the pandemic situation. Calgary Stampede is one of those events. His has made many rodeo fans go sad., As other rodeo events are happening in 2021, fans hope to catch Calgary Stampede live this year. But the authority has officially announced to avoid any health risk. 

So, the 2021 Calgary Stampede show can get postponed for 2022. Since the start, this is not the first time Calgary Stampede has been canceled. The first two times were for the two World Wars, the third time it was a worldwide food of 2013.

And in 2020, this is a worldwide pandemic that made everything stop. Before 2021 has arrived, the authority made the decision not to arrange any event this year. After all, no one wanted to take any risk with their health because of an event only. 

But the entire country did their best to arrange this outdoor rodeo event as Calgary Stampede gives a $282 million boost every year. But the cancellation of two years in a row has brought great depression to the city. 

The announcement has been made that the world will enjoy the next Calgary Stampede by 2022 July. So, fans are hoping to have a great 2022 Calgary Stampede event in Canada. 

Calgary Stampede 2022 event Schedule

Well, every July, the Calgary Stampede takes place. As 2021 has already been canceled, everyone is looking forward to the 2022 Calgary Stampede schedule. However, the official time and lineup have not yet been confirmed. So, have your check on the upcoming dates of 

 Calgary Stampede event. As this is not just a one-day thing, you might also need to know the whole schedule for showing up in the city.

So, let;’s not make any further delay and directly get into the upcoming Calgary Stampede event schedule:

  • 08- 07 – 2022
  • 09- 07 – 2022
  • 10- 07 – 2022
  • 11- 07- 2022 
  • 12- 07 – 2022
  • 13- 07 – 2022
  • 14- 07 – 2022
  • 15- 07 – 2022
  • 16 – 07 – 2022
  • 17 – 07- 2022

As the event has enough time to arrive, the schedule has not been published in detail. But the official updates are ensuring 2022 to be the successful year for the Calgary Stampede event. Fans can undoubtedly make their plan to visit Canada to join the 2022 event. Join the upcoming Calgary Stampede and experience the world’s most exotic outdoor rodeo event.

Calgary Stampede 2022 overview

If someone is planning to join the 2022 Calgary Stampede, he/she must go through the event overview. If you have got the interest in this biggest outdoor rodeo event, then 2022 would be the year to give a shot. This year, you’re getting all the exclusive segments in the event. 


Calgary Stampede is the event where you’re getting to catch about six jaw-dropping tournaments. The winner receives $2 million that attracts rodeos from malls over the world. The cash prize is the reason that gathers all the best rodeos particip[ate in the competition.

Steer wrestling

Steer wrestling makes the Calgary Stampede ground more exciting. Every year many visitors just arrive here to catch steer wrestling.

Bull- riding

Bull riding has always been an exciting part of any rodeo show. And being the biggest rodeo show of Canada, how can Calgary Stampede not include bull riding. To experience this exciting part of the show, the event would be the best thing to try.

Stampede breakfasts galore

Stampede breakfast galore is a joyful part of the whole event. Here the entire acuity offers you free pancakes and breakfast for the Calgary Stampede days. The event is blessed with local’s hospitality and dedication. This is another thing that attracts visitors here every year.

square dancing

If someone is interested in partying and dancing, they should join the segment of the event. Square dancing makes the atmosphere more blooming. 


Calgary Stampede exhibition is an excellent part of the entire event. This has become a tradition for rodeo fans. So, if you’re paying a visit to the event, make sure to join the exhibition for a lifetime experience.

Agricultural events

The agricultural events are an exotic part of the Calgary Stampede event. With this segment, the show supports the agriculture of Canada. 


Parades are always an attraction of any rodeo show. Calgary Stampede rodeo show holds one of the most significant parade segments in the event. So, if you’re joining the event, parades would be a must-participating thing. Usually, the show starts with the parade. More details you’ll get in the Calgary Stampede updated schedule.

Evening show

The evening show holds all the celebrities performing live. Here various surprises are lying in the event. Though the 2022 show lineup isn’t out yet, you can finger cross for the best to arrive.


Every year, the famous international country music stars are seen to rock the music segment of the Calgary Stampede event. 2022 Calgary Stampede music show lineup isn’t out yet. Fans are hoping to have a potent lineup and start as every year.


The Calgary Stampede ends with an extreme segment of fireworks. This makes the whole Calgary city go happy. These fireworks would be the most exciting thing to experience.

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How many people join Calgary Stampede every year?

Because of the exotic segments, every year, visitors from all over the world arrive at the venue. This massive number of visitors also helps the economy of Canada. That’s the reason the country is trying its best to make the 2021 Calgary Stampede show happen.

Every year more than 1,000,000 people arrive at the venue to join this event. With the minimum number, you can guess about it;’s popularity. Well, the last show happened in the year 2019. That year, 1,275,465 people joined the program. But the maximum number was about 1,409,371 in the year 2012.

As 2022 is going to be the most waited year, this might include a vast crowd at the venue. Some are expecting to break the record of 2012. 

How to get Calgary Stampede tickets?

If someone wants to enjoy the Calgary Stampede show live, her/she should go for tickets. The tickets would be available on the internet. But there is a twist this year. Unlike every time, there have been made some restrictions. 

Now you can only get Calgary Stampede tickets on AXS. This is the new ticket service of Canada. Here you can find Calgary Stampede tickets officially. The organizers always suggest going for official tickets. 

To get the official tickets, sign up for the AXS. You’ll get the official website on the internet. All you need to do IN there and be a member of AXS. For the 2022 trinkets, you can also activate the notification icon. By doing this, you’ll be notified personally as soon as the tickets are online.

You might get tickets from third parties too. But in that case, you’ve to maintain carefulness about the spamming thing.

Date & TimePlaceTickets
JUL 09
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 10
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 11
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 12
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 13
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 14
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 15
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 16
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 17
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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JUL 18
1:30 PM
Calgary Stampede Afternoon Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Grandstand – Calgary, AB, CA
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How much is the Calgary Stampede Ticket price?

Well, if someone is planning to join Calgary Stampede 2022, the ticket price would be a vital thing to know. Though the tickets are not still sold in 2022, you can obviously have an average idea of the cost.

This would undoubtedly help you to start saving to enjoy the upcoming event. Well, neither the Calgary Stampede is a one-day thing, nor it’s just a rodeo competition. Here you’ll get two separate tickets for entertainment and rodeo competition. As the official tickets are not out yet, all we can know is the average precise.,

Well, the Calgary Stampede official ticket average last period would be Calgary Stampede. On the other hand, the maximum average ticket price of Calgary Stampede would be $70. The price range fluctuates depending on the package you’re choosing. As with every event, here you’ll find primary seats and VIP seats.

So make sure you’re getting your seat according to your budget and choice.

Book your Calgary Stampede tickets Immediately

Well, this year, because of the pandemic, seats are going to get decreased. This is the same reason that show tickets can get expensive. 

Well, the Calgary Stampede 2022 tickets are not out yet. But keep your eyes on these sites that are offering Calgary Stampede tickets. This would help you to catch tickets immediately.

As the tickets would be expensive and limited., they can get sold out at a glance. So make sure you’re having all the recent updates by the upcoming show. So, don’t wait for the last-minute tickets this year and grab your Calgary Stampede tickets now.

How to get cheap Calgary Stampede tickets?

Well, no rodeo fans should miss the Calgary Stampede: the most significant outdoor rodeo event in the world. When someone is planning to join the event for years, they should not miss the possibility just because of budget. To catch the event live, you’ll require a ticket, And with some research and information, you can grab Calgary Stampede tickets for a very cheap price. 

Well, on several occasions and times, the tickets go on sale. If someone can grab the event ticket on sale, he/.she will get a significant discount. Third-party sellers often offer various packages to attract customers. But make sure those links are genuine and you’re not being spammed. Especially stay away from giving any personal details to unofficial suits.

Rather than that, you can get discounts on the official sites of Calgary Stampede tickets. These might get you the cheap Calgary Stampede tickets on your hand.

How to enjoy Calgary Stampede 2022 live?

Well, fans who’re not able to arrive in Canada to catch the Calgary Stampede live, would be super furious. But as we mentioned before, no rodeo fan should miss this biggest outdoor rodeo event in the world. You can enjoy the entire event being on your couch.

The show will be broadcasted live on cable and app. Their CBC TV reserves the official broadcasting rights of Calgary Stampede. Contact your cable op[erator and get this channel on your TV today. This channel will be serving the entire ten-day event on your Tv live.

If someone is not comfortable watching the show on Tv, they can use their mobile/pc too. The show will be available on Go on this site and enjoy the entire event live. Here you’ll get interviews and commentaries too. 

To catch the show live on Tv/internet, you don’t have to purchase any tickets. All you need is to get signed up on their official suite to catch the Calgary Stampede event live. Same with the app you need to do.

How to watch the Calgary Stampede from anywhere?

Well, though the Calgary Stampede will be available on CBC TV, you won’t get worldwide access to the site or channel. Every channel consists of some restrictions regarding the location fact. This might make the rodeo fan out of Canada go a little confused. However, nothing to worry about. You can enjoy the Calgary Stampede event from anywhere with several steps. AS:

  • Purchase a good VPN
  • Install the VPN On your device
  • Sign up
  • Please change your location and set it into USA/ UK/ Canada
  • Start browsing.

With these several steps, you changed your IP address. VPNs can instantly change your IP address and turn you to get access to any streaming sites. As Calgary Stampede is a Canadian show, you should change your Ip address to USA/Uk/ Canada. This would help you to enjoy the event liver online.

Final words

Calgary Stampede 2022 is one of the most heart throbbing events of next year. This event is not just a show but more like a celebration. This year, the show might get canceled because of the world health situation. But 2022 is the year where the show is undoubtedly going to make an extreme move. If you’re planning to join the following year’s event, this article serves you all the information. To get recent updates, follow the Calgary Stampede official page. Don’t forget to share the article with your rodeo lover friends and family. 

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