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It is another master showcase for the music lovers as the BRIT Awards 2020 ceremony goes down. The organizers of the event are ready and the venue has been announced. Some changes have also been made that send the fun through the roof.
Don’t be left behind. Get your ticket and be ready to join the BRIT Awards 2020 ceremony live. Here is the information you need to remain on course.
We have rounded the event up in a jiffy and you should get enough information here to catch the best thrill.


The annual BRIT Awards 2020 music ceremony was launched in February 1977. The main reason was to commemorate music talents around the UK. The BRIT Awards 2020 will be the 40th show since the event was launched back then.
In this special edition, the organizers have chosen to look for the future rather than celebrate the years that have gone by. They have also announced several changes to their usual ceremony format.

When and Where BRIT Awards 2020 Will Take Place

The prestigious BRIT Awards 2020 ceremony will take place on the 18th of February 2020. It will be on a Tuesday and the event will be held at London’s O2 Arena. This is the same arena in which the previous events were held.
The BRIT Awards 2020 organizers have handed over the creative direction to the artists for their performances. This means that we will have fewer awards and much more music.
The winners of the day will walk away with the classic Lady Britannia BRIT statuette. The statuette is to be returned after about ten years.

Brit Awards 2020 Tickets

If you want to watch the Brit Awards 2020 live, you can buy the tickets. Tickets are available at BRITs official website.
The 2020 might also follow the 2019 system where the tickets to the awards ceremony were bought through BRITs official brokers such as Keith Prowse, DTB, and Engage. Remember regular tickets start from £101.

Which Awards Will Be at the BRIT Awards 2020?

There are several awards that the nominees can walk away with from the BRIT Awards 2020. They include the following:

Female Solo Artist
Male Solo Artist
International Female Solo Artist
International Male Solo Artist
Best Group
Song Of The Year (formerly British Single)
Rising Star (formerly the Critics’ Choice Award)
Best New Artist (formerly British Breakthrough Act)
Mastercard Album Of The Year
NOTE: It is at the Brit Awards 2020 ceremony that the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award will be renamed the Rising Star Award.

Who Has Won the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award Before?

This much-coveted award has previously gone to some of the best musical maestros such as these.
Adele (2008)
James Bay (2015)
Jorjia Smith (2018)
Sam Fender (2019)

This award is only open to the best upcoming British artists. These artists have either not achieved recording deals in Official UK Top 20 Artist Album Charts, or got two recordings in Top 20 Singles Chart.

Brit Awards 2020: The Changes

There are some changes that will come in at the Brit Awards 2020 ceremony. These changes apart from the introduction of the Rising Star Award will include the following:

First, performers will be given a chance to create and curate their personal unique moments that are tailored to the BRIT Awards.

Secondly, the number of awards that will be presented on the music night will be simplified to nine.
Again, in the nine categories, the winners will be decided by Brit 2020 Official Voting Academy. The academy is made up of several experts that come from the UK. They include artists, promoters, retailers, publishers, agents, labels, producers, and the media.

Finally, The BRITs 2020 is also dropping some other special achievement awards, which they presented in 2019.
These two awards are the global success award that was awarded to Ed Sheeran and the outstanding contribution to music award.

NOTE: The award for the British producer of the year that was awarded to Calvin Harris in 2019 will remain for the Brit Awards in 2020. However, it won’t make part of the Brit Awards 2020 main show.

Which Trophy Will Be Awarded to the Winner in 2020?

In the Brit Awards 2020, the trophy will be given to the winners. However, the trophy that these winners will be presented with is the Lady Britannia BRIT statuette.
Every winner will take the classic Lady Britannia BRIT statuette home on this night, which will return after being reimagined by the guest designers that came in every year since 2011.
Brit Awards 2020 is another one of the best awards for the music industry. It is tied to the British artists but has had a huge impact on producing some of the best talents yet. With the curtains drawn for the 2020 Brit Awards, it is time to be ready too.



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