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BlackPink Is Going To Hold Livestream Concert On YouTube (31 January, 2021)

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Team up for Blackpink and YouTube music shows: Global experience the first Livestream concert hosted by the world-famous, YouTube Record-Breaking Music Group. Blackpink has already announced that their first-ever Livestream show has been suspended. The new date is January 31, interestingly the starting time remains the same. The world is excited and eagerly waiting for the show. The Livestream show on youtube by Blackpink has seemed so focused that everyone can enjoy the show virtually any way. To know everything, how you can catch up the Livestream show on youtube, the date, who is Blackpink, their new album which is going to perform and more details keep your eyes on this page.

BlackPink Livestream on Youtube: Date & TIme

From today, music fans will be able to purchase access to a livestream concert, This livestream concert by BLACKPINK will be held on YouTube on Sunday 31 January 2021 at 11:00 AM +06. We had known that their previous was postponed for several reasons but as a Blackpink avid fan, no one wants to miss their upcoming show. Even, everything will be updated on their official youtube channel.

How To Purchase Tickets For Blackpink Livestream Show On Youtube

From now, you can get access to the show thorough experience offer page on digital devices like mobile devices and desktop or by visiting Blackpink official youtube channel  and click to the “JOIN” on the youtube website or youtube mobile app. Streamer offers two purchase options, Standard  and Plus for participating in virtual concerts and accessing other membership receipts, including custom emojis and behind-the-scenes content.
  1. Standard (29.99 USD): The standard package for the Show live streams, rebroadcasts and custom emojis.
  2. Plus(39.99 USD): The plus package for the show live streams, rebroadcasts, custom emojis, and behind scene content of the Blackpink.

Why Is This Livestream Show By Blackpink Exciting?

The performance, which took place outside of Seoul, Korea, will be re-broadcast around the world, following the original livestream of those who have purchased channel subscription access. We can’t wait to see what’s in the Blackpink store. The show is held by Blackpink, going to be an Epic and super exciting show, Leon Cohen, the song’s lead singer on YouTube, said. He also mentioned, Blackpink is one of the biggest and best artists around the world and we can’t miss the highly respected, livestream experience as we partner with this great talent and YG team for the first time. This would be great for Blackpink fans.

History Of The Blackpink

The Blackpink is a south korean girl group formed by YG, consisting of four members of this group. The group first debuted in august, 2016 with their sole album, called “Square One”. After the first album, they never have to look back, their fan and followers tremendously increased. Blackpink has topped several YouTube records since its debut in 2016 and is currently the streamer’s second-largest subscriber with about 54 million followers. Currently, they collaborated on their hit song “The K-pop Quarter” with salena gomez and lady gaga last year. From 2010 to 2016, it was the most struggling time and formation time for this band. When they first debuted in 2016, this group became popular. And then 2016 to 2017, they were making progress by commercial success, popularity, and fame. 2018 to 2019 was the most prime time for this band, as it was not stopped in their own county, the world first was begun within this year. In 2020, they first released “the album” and made a documentary by netflix.

How Many Member Of The Blackpink

The band is consistent with four members who play different roles to entertain the audience. These are Jisoo(25), Jennie(24), Rose(23), and Lisa(23).          Jisoo – Jisoo is a main vocalist who has an amazing voice to reach the audience’s heart.
  • Jennie– Jennie is a rapper and vocalist. Such an amazing talent she got.
  •  Rose- Rose is a vocalist and a dancer, making the whole show reckon with her dancing and vocal.
  • Lisa- Most amazing and talented girl in this group, Lisa is a vocalist, Rapper, and a dancer. Such a versatile member of this group.

Who Leads The Blackpink?

Blackpink doesnt have no one who is the leader in the group officially. Fans might think that jisoo is the leader of the Blackpink unofficially. Probably, she is the eldest girl of this group.

With Whom Blackpink Collaborate With?

Several famous names, actually. They have collaborated with Selina Gomez (“Ice Cream”) and Cardi B (“Bet You Wanna”) on their latest released album. They collaborated with the singer on “Out Candy” for the Lady Gaga album Chromatica. And in 2018, the group worked with English singer Dua Lipper to release the song “Kiss and Make Up.”

The Netflix Documentary of Blackpink “Light Up The Sky”

All members of this didn’t come from wealthy families then how they earned such fame with a short time. The documentaries of Netflix have depicted the individual journey of this group.some insight of their childhood then how they become a part of this popular band worldwide now. You will get a clear idea after watching the film. How four little girls, coming from working class families, struggling with their family becomes one of the top subscriber bands on youtube.

Who Is The Prettiest Girl In The Blackpink Group?

Blackpink is also giving to be a head-turner on the beauty charts. In the 2019 list of TCCA’s most beautiful girls in Asia, Two members of the South Korean Girl Group are in the top five, with Lisa sitting at number 1 and Jennie is at number 3.

Final Word

Blackpink live stream on Youtube is on 31 january, 2021. In this pandemic time, it is a great initiative by YouTube to create the opportunity for people like us who are avid fans of Blackpink. To enjoy the blackpink show on youtube, never like to distract as the all members of the group have entertained the audience glance for a while by dancing, singing, and singing rap. Hope, this article is worthwhile to read, if it so does share with your blackpink lovers friends. Read Super Bowl Half Time Show Live Stream Concert Here

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