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Billy Joel’s plan for 2021 Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

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What is Billy Joel’s plan for 2021?

Just like other celebrities, Billy Joel also had to cancel his 2020 world tour due to the pandemic. But there are upcoming events, and tickets are available online. Billy Joel is known as one of America’s great Pianists and also a singer-songwriter. His father was also a pianist and encouraged him to learn the piano. Billy recently tweeted an old pic of him and said that his first number one album was ‘52nd Street’. Billy Joel’s concerts were scheduled to take place in 2020, but due to the pandemic, those concerts were rescheduled to take place between April 2021 and April 2022.

How to buy tickets for Billy Joel’s concerts?

You can buy one from, and tickets are available for everyone. It’s been a while since we heard from this great pianist. Billy Joel’s fans are really excited about this, and all are waiting for his next concert. His last album was in 2001, and he’s not releasing any songs for now. But it didn’t stop him from performing his old songs, and in an interview, he said that he was still playing the old shits, and everyone laughed. Billy Joel is a legend, and whether he releases a new album or not, we still want to hear from him. He sold more than 1.33 million tickets from his residence at Madison Square Garden in New York. As we said before, tickets are available at billyjoel.comtour.

Is Billy Joel touring in 2020?

He wanted to have a tour, but just like others, he also had to cancel it due to the pandemic. There are upcoming events by Billy Joel, and tickets are available for everyone.

Will Billy Joel come to Australia in 2021?

Billy Joel was invited to come to Australia and New Zealand by a touring company called The Frontier. Billy had to cancel all his shows due to the pandemic, and he has plans to visit Australia in 2021.

Is Billy Joel going on tour in 2021?

Billy Joel has plans for 2021, and there are 12 upcoming events by Billy.

12 Upcoming events by Billy Joel

1st Concert:  At Bank of America Stadium, in Charlotte, NC (on 17 April, in 2021).

2nd Concert: At Notre Dame Stadium, in Notredam, IN (on 26 June, in 2021).

3rd Concert: At Comercia Park, in Detroit, MI (on 9 July, in 2021).

4th Concert: At Fenway Park, in Boston, MA (on 4 August, in 2021).

5th Concert: At New Era Field, in Buffalo, NY (on 14 August, in 2021).

6th Concert: At Great American Ball Park, in Cincinnati, Ohio (on 10 September, in 2021).

7th Concert: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, NY (on 5 November, in 2021).

8th Concert: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, NY ( on 20 December, in 2021).

9th Concert: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, NY (on 14 January, in 2022).

10th Concert: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, NY (on 12 February, in 2022).

11th Concert: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, NY (on 24 March, in 2022).

12th Concert: At Madison Square Garden, in New York, NY (on 8 April, in 2022).


Featuring Billy Joel

Billy Joel is one of America’s great pianists and also a singer and songwriter. His father was also a pianist and encouraged him to learn the piano. His 1973’s ‘Piano Man’ was a successful album, featuring hits like “Piano Man” and “Captain Jack.”

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