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The year is coming to its end. Hence, its’ a good time for the music fanatics to recap and reflect the best songs, musical achievements, popularity, and the best upcoming stars of the year. And who does it better than the Billboard? Yes, they not only publish the best songs and billboard top lists but also acknowledge the superb achievements of your favorite musicians through the Billboard Music Award show every year.

Likewise, the Billboard Music Awards 2020 is getting ready to mesmerize us with the colorful showcasing of the 2019 top performers. Thus, we bring you updates about everything you need to know about the Billboard Music Awards 2020. 

A recap: How and When did Billboard Music Award originate 

History has never been an exciting subject to me, and I guess, for all of you too. Yet, the musical journey of the Billboard from a novice magazine to the USA’s one of the most influential music awards always fascinates me. 

Billboard was officially founded in 1894 by James Hennegan and William Donaldson. Yes, you read it right- the magazine was 1st published in 1894, more than a century ago. However, until the late 19th century, the magazine covered news on music, circus, fairs only. 

A groundbreaking event, nonetheless, took place in December 1990. Guess what, Billboard unleashed their most-popular and helmed the show, the Billboard Music Award for the very first time. The award show immediately caught the glowing eyes of the music lovers of all the world and enjoyed some mentionable popularity. 

Unfortunately, for some mysterious reasons (which are not clear to date), the popular show saw a dormant in 2006. After a brief stoppage, Billboard hit the music industry hard, once again, in 2011 with their reformed Billboard Music Award. 

From then the show had never looked back and now is considered among the top three music award shows in the USA. The other two, not to mention, are the Grammy awards and American Music awards. 

Revealing the Billboard Music award process: How it happens 

The specialty of the Billboard award is in its nomination process. It is quite different from the USA’s Grammy Award and Canadian Juno Award. In both of these award shows, their executive committee of selection and judge panel selects the nominees through in-depth scrutiny of the submitted award competitors. Later, people get the chance to vote for their favorite singer and sone as well until the winner is declared. 

Nevertheless, the case is quite different for the Billboard Music award show. It nominates and gives awards in various categories from distinctive selection criteria. These are-

  • Album sales
  • Digital song sales 
  • Streaming
  • Radio play 
  • Social engagement; and
  • Touring 

Billboard keeps track of these records for the whole year in association with their data partners. Their partners briefly include Next Big Sound and Nielsen Music. The awardees are nominated form various musical genres. They also set a period for the nomination; for example, for the 2018 award show, their given period was from April 7, 2017, to March 31, 2018. 

Flashback of the 2019 Billboard Music Award: A Drake show 

The 2019 show will be largely remembered as the record-breaking event for Drake, who snatched a whooping 12 awards from 17 nominations. Consequently, he became the most Billboard Music Award winner with a staggering 27 awards in his pocket. He beat Taylor Swift and Beyonce in the process, which had earlier won 23 prizes individually. 

The 2019 show was held on the famous MGM Grand Garden Arena of Las Vegas, Nevada. Kelly Clarkson had hosted the show for the 2nd consecutive time ad it was helmed highly by the audience and critique alike. Although Drake caught all the attention with his award-winning stake, previously, all eyes were set on Cardi B, in the show. It was because he was nominated in 21 different categories, the highest of the year. He ended up receiving six awards, though. 

The live telecast enjoyed more than 8 million views. And, it was no surprise since Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, BTS, and also the other performers set the award stage on fire with their jaw-dropping and electrifying performances. However, the 2020 show is aspiring high to beat the 2019 record. 

Billboard Music Award show 2020: Things you need to know 

Billboard authority has already announced the details about the 2020 show schedule, venue, and speculated timing. Although nomination details are yet to be published, fans are waiting eagerly for the updates. We understand and acknowledge such surprising eagerness of the music lovers and, hence, are bring the details about the show. 

We can’t but admit that it is still too early to get detailed information about the show. Yet, we have gathered on whatever information we got access to only for your convenience. 

Venue and schedule

Billboard authority in August confirmed that the 2020 Music award show would also be held in the famous GM Grand Garden Arena. This will be the 18th time that Las Vegas, Nevada, will be proudly hosting the show. 

As we all know, since 2018, the Billboard show took place in the middle of May after the revival in 2011. However, it changed in 2019 as the award show saw an almost three weeks earlier scheduling. The trend remains the same for 2020 also. 

As per the schedule, the 2020 event will hit the turf on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Earlier, Clark Productions admired the show, and it will surely continue for the next year also. The time of the show is set from 8-11 p.m. ET/PT. This means that the Indian viewers will be able to enjoy the show at 6.30-9.30 AM, April 30 onward. 

Here, let’s take a quick overview of the event details-

Venue: GM Grand Garden Arena

Schedule: 29th April 2020

Time: 8-11 p.m. ET/PT and 6.30-9.30 AM IST. 

Nominees, Performers, And the Host Details

On the award day, all the eyes of the worldwide music lovers will set on the performers and nominees. Hence, we realize the urgency of the fans of musicians to know the name of the nominees and performers. Unfortunately, the show is set to take place for more than five months here on, and the details are not out yet. 

Yes, Billboard hasn’t announced the name of the performers and nominees. Neither they have declared or given any hints on who is going to host the prestigious event. So, we are waiting for any updates. And we also promise that we will come with a brand-new edition on the Billboard 2020 show as soon as we get any updates and breaking news. 

Note: In 2019, Kelly Clarkson hosted the show for the 2nd time consecutively. May we expect to see her once again? You may put your opinion to us through the comment box or email. 

Billboard 2020 Award Broadcasting 

As of the news till now, NBC will bring the live broadcast of the show on Wednesday, April 29th. NBC was also the official broadcasting partner of the previous 2019 award show following an agreement between them and the Billboard authority. The agreement signed between the two media giants is a multi-year signing, but the exact duration is unknown. Not to mention that earlier, ABC had broadcasted the event. Even before them, Fox Entertainment was the broadcast partner until 2011. 

The audience might expect a more technologically updated and more lively show. It is since NBC is widely known for bringing their very best features for their prime broadcasting events. And, undoubtedly, Billboard Music 2020 award show is one of the most awaited and loved top shows in the USA. 

What New Things We May Expect from the 2020 Show?

It is way too early to predict anything about the show. So, we will have to wait probably for a few months to see if something new is coming or not in the next award show. But, the chance of any drastic change in the nomination process is most unlikely to happen. 

Cast Your Vote for Your Favorite Nominees 

We have already seen a significant alteration from the 2017 sessions event as Billboard for the very 1st time included two awards to be nominated by the fan votes. These two awards are-

  1. Billboard Chart Achievement 
  2. Top Social Artist  

Do you want to vote for your favorite musicians? If yes, do hurry up to get access to the voting process. The best part of the voting process is that it is incredibly easy, unlike most other award voting programs. Billboard announced its voting rules a long time ago. The law suggests that you need to have a valid email account or alternatively, Facebook or Twitter account to be able to sign-up to the voting system.  Once you get to their website, submit their required information, and you will be able to vote for your favorite singer and song. 


 The music lovers wait all year long for the prestigious Billboard music award. The 2020 event will be no exception to it. With so many exciting pieces of music, popular albums, and online songs, the Billboard Music Awards 2020 is undoubtedly going to be one hell of a show. 

We will keep updating you about any developments in the program. 



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