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Big Gigantic has confirmed their ‘Brighter Future Tour’ 2022

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Big Gigantic, a livetronica duo, is planning to launch a new leg of their Brighter Future Tour in 2022 to promote their upcoming album, “Brighter Future 2.” During July, the tour will include 18 cities, some of which are more noteworthy than others. These include Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Washington, DC, and Brooklyn. Special guests Kasbo, Goldfish, Inzo, Memba, Brasstracks, Party Pupils, and Covex, will accompany the tour on select dates. Also joining the tour are Young Franco and Covex. During the same tour in 2016, Louis Futon, Illenium, and Brasstrack all made guest appearances.

On the tune titled “Keep On Rising” from Big Gigantic‘s upcoming eighth studio album titled “Brighter Future 2,” Aloe Blacc will make a cameo appearance. The album is released on June 10th, 2022. The first installment of this album series was released in 2016, and it debuted at position two on the Dance/Electronic chart on Billboard. It features guest appearances from GRiZ, Logic, Waka Flocka Flame, and Cherub. During the same year, the pair embarked on a lengthy tour throughout the United States with assistance from Marshmello, Hermitude, Louis The Child, Louis Futon, Melvv, Mija, and Unlike Pluto. Back in 2019, the Got The Love Tour that they were on featured Shallou and The Floozies as special guests.

Who makes up Big Gigantic, and what instruments do they play?

Jeremy Salken plays the drums for the pair known as Big Gigantic. Dominic Lalli is responsible for the saxophone, keyboard, and production of the band’s music.

How long does a typical Big Gigantic concert last?

Most Big Gigantic concerts last between two and three hours, but the length of the show might vary based on factors such as the opening bands, encore performances, and other factors.

How much do tickets cost to see Big Gigantic?

The prices of Big Gigantic tickets sold on the secondary market are subject to change based on various factors. Tickets to see Big Gigantic can typically be purchased for as little as $94, naturally falling between $127 and $127.00.

Where can I get tickets to see Big Gigantic?

StubHub, Ticketmaster, Ticketnetwork, Seatgeek, Vividseats, Viagogo, and Livenation have a vast selection of concert tickets available, but StubHub has the largest selection overall.

What kind of an experience should I anticipate having at a Big Gigantic concert?

The senses are stimulated in almost every possible manner by Big Gigantic. In addition to playing music that defies categorization, the band will almost certainly perform visually impressive performance of the highest caliber. Big G has recently improved the production value of its Red Rocks events by incorporating a 3D video into the mix. This change was made in 2018. This work will now be shown at special concerts scheduled throughout the year. The visuals and lighting it brings are exciting even when the group does not have 3D capabilities.

Floor Seats

An experience that can only be had once in a lifetime can be had by sitting in big, gigantic floor seats. At live performances, floor and front row seats are sometimes among the most costly tickets. Tickets for Big Gigantic could be purchased in the first row or the center of the stage for the maximum price.

What songs typically appear on Big Gigantic’s setlist?

Throughout a Big Gigantic tour, in addition to choices from the band’s most recent album, you will be treated to live performances of several of the band’s most well-known songs. Songs like “Sky High,” “All of Me,” “Like That,” and “Good Times Roll” are included in this category. During live performances, the band will also play songs from its back catalog of remixes.

How many albums have been made available by Big Gigantic?

Throughout their career, the band has put out six full-length studio albums. 2009 saw the publication of the very first, titled “Fire It Up.” Wide Awake, A Place Behind the Moon, Nocturnal, The Night is Young, and Brighter Future is some of the band’s albums since then.

Last Lines

Big Country was initially established in 1981 by guitarists Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson, both of whom were born and raised in the band’s hometown of Dunfermline, which is located in Scotland. Big Gigantic is a duo from the world of electronic music that creates an original sound by combining elements of electronica, funk, jazz, and hip-hop music. Dominic Lalli is the band’s producer/DJ and the saxophone, and Jeremy Salken is the drummer for the band, which began in 2009 when the two were roommates in Boulder, Colorado. Jeremy Salken also plays the drums for the band. When Lalli started producing beats, he was active in the music scene as a saxophonist, performing with various groups. He needed a drummer to add to the mix when it came time to complete his electronic music live, so he invited his roommate and buddy Jeremy Salken. Since then, the band has developed into one of the most well-known artists to perform at music festivals around the country, headlining some of the most recognizable venues along the road.

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