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BetOnce again, the carpets are lit. Thanks to the BET Awards that are right around the corner. This red carpet event goes down as the bet awards 2020. You don’t have to be left behind. Get your ticket on time and get treated to this lifetime experience. If you are just getting to know about it, here is the best info for you. 


In 2001, the Black Entertainment Television Network established the BET Awards. Its main focus was to celebrate the great achievements of the minorities in the USA including African Americans.

The BET Awards focuses on a vast area of disciplines including sports, acting, music, and other entertainment fields.

These awards include several categories and are given annually. They are always broadcasted live on the Black Entertainment Television Network.

Bet Awards 2020

The Bet Awards 2020 goes down from June 25 to 28, 2020 at Figueroa / 12th, Los Angeles, California. It will be the twentieth BET Awards and is geared to celebrate a diversified society. The event will be packed with some of your best celebrities. 

How to Watch the Bet Awards 2020 Live

For people who want to catch the live BET wards in 2020 live, there are several ways to do just that. Here are some of the most reliable options. 

Black Entertainment Television Network

The founders and organizers of the event the Black Entertainment Television Network will broadcast the event live. You can, therefore, catch the event live by streaming through this network. 

NOTE: In addition to the live streaming from their network, you can also stream through other apps that support the Black Entertainment Television Network such as YouTube. 

Virtual Private Networks – VPN

Virtual Private Network usage is best suited for the guys who want to catch the even but are not in the US or cannot access the Black Entertainment Television Network. VPNs will cover your location and prevent your viewing from being disrupted.

They will spoof your location and make it appear as if you are watching the event from the USA. 

Social Media 

Social media is another platform that’s has made our work easy. It is best for guys who want low spending but the best ceremony. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will have real-time videos, highlights, and the highlight of the show from guys that upload it. 

NOTE: If you want to use Virtual Private Networks, you should get a strong network. A weak signal will cause buffering and leave you with the worst picture quality apart from poor watching experience. 

BET Awards 2020 Tickets

You can also buy the BET Awards 2020 Tickets if you want to watch the next BET awards ceremony in 2020. The tickets are sold online and we will update you once the announcement is made. 

Watching the 2020 BET Awards live is the best option for anyone who has the capacity to do so. It gives you firsthand experience of the event and you get to interact with some of your favorite celebrities. 

How are Nominees Chosen?

The nomination process for the BET Awards Ceremony is done by the voting academy. The academy is made up of around 500 people. Some of the people in the voting academy include people in the media, music industry, and bloggers. 

Before that, BET sends the ballots electronically and allows the voters to nominate who they feel deserves the nomination. The top nominees are then determined in every award category before the academy votes. 

BET Awards Categories

BET has several categories for their awards. Some of the BET Awards categories include the following:

  • Music Album of the Year 
  • Video of the Year 
  • Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award 
  • Best Collaboration 
  • Best Female Hip-Hop Artist 
  • Best Male Hip-Hop Artist 
  • Best Female R&B Artist 
  • Best Male R&B Artist 
  • Best Group 
  • Best New Artist 
  • Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award 
  • Best Movie 
  • Best Actress 
  • Best Actor 
  • Athlete Sportswoman of the Year 
  • Sportsman of the Year 

The awards are not limited to what we have here. They are many others that we will share with you. 

Notable Developments

One of the most notable developments in the BET Awards took place in 2015 and 2018. These were the fifteenth and eighteenth BET Awards respectively. In these awards a new category – the Ultimate Icon Award was introduced. 

The award is given to the veteran artist whose achievements or career is considered to be iconic by the fans and critics. When awarded, the most notable contributions of the artist are highlighted. There is no restriction to the field of achievement and, therefore may include, dance, music, and video fields.

2019 BET Awards

The 2019 BET Awards were the nineteenth anniversary of the BET Awards. It was lit with some of the best performances. Among the top performers and presenters that rocked the stage in the 2019 BET Awards include.

  • Jeremih 
  • DaBaby
  • Meek Mill
  • Kirk Franklin 
  • Fantasia

Where Were Previous BET Awards Held?

The first BET Awards ceremony was held in 2001 at the Paris Las Vegas resort in Las Vegas Strip. However, the event was later transferred to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood from 2002 to 2005.  

In 2006 BET announced a change to the venue. It was decided that the event will be held in the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles where it went on until 2012. 

Later on, in 2013 the event organizers moved the BET Awards ceremony to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The theater was formally known as the Nokia Theater. 


Nothing will make you happier in 2020 other than the BET Awards. With its high pomp and color, I bet the event will go down as one of your most favorite events in history. You can grab your VIP tickets online today and enjoy the red carpet aura. That’s what makes the BET Award different for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of what will go down.



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