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Avril Lavigne Announces “Bite My Tour” 2022 Dates : Tickets & Concert

Avril Lavigne Tour 2022
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The superstar –Avril Lavigne recently came across her social media and announced her first North American tour in over a decade between May 3 and 25. The avril tour often regarded as “bite me tour” is expected to start from 3rd may and will go on to the 14 cities, including special guests GrandsonandMod Sun.

However, The super talented singer just released “Bite Me,” where she further announces about her collaboration with travis barker the skilled yet talented guest who further in collaboration with avril released the new album “ head above water”.

The song has a great theme. It depicts the fact that you should know your worth with the fact that it is necessary to know what you deserve and not give anyone the second chance for repentance.Well, according to Lavigne. She claims an exciting trend of trendy music and an album will be released in 2022.

The tour is expected to start on 3 May 2022 from the city of Moncton City and will Conclude on the 25 May in the town of Victoria. The Canadian tour is a part of the intercontinental “bite me tour”, which will start from 26 February from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She will continue to perform in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, France, UK, Belgium before hitting the roads of Canada.

When Will The Bite Me Tour Start?

The tour will start on 26 February in Amsterdam. However, the Canadian tour will begin on 3 May 2022 from the city of Moncton City.

When Will The Bite Me Tour End?

The tour will Conclude on the 25 May in the city of Victoria.Thus, the tour will lasted on 3 month streaks.

Where Can I Buy Tickets For Bite Me Tour?

Tickets are available to buy at the official site Avril Lavigne. Please use the link to buy online tickets Also, if you are looking for the most reliable ticketing sites then you can buy your tickets from 

These all sites are highly recommended as they provide the customers the full customer care assistance along with the featured tickets and discounted packages.

What Are The Songs Avril Lavigne Is Going To Perform In Bite Me Tour 2022?

There are various songs that Avril Lavigne is going to sing in her concerts. These songs include Sk8er Boi, Complicated, When You’re Gone, What The Hell, My Happy Ending, Don’t Tell Me, Here’s To Never Growing Up etc.

When Will The Bite Me Tour Tickets 2022 Go Live On Sale?

The tickets for Bite Me tour 2022 sale will start from 3 December 2021 at 10:00 am. However, presales have already begun.

How Much Does The Bite Me Tour Tickets Cost 2022?

Bite Me tour tickets range from around CA $50 for lowest prices to about a CA $300 for best Seats and M&G.

Ticket costs vary depending on a variety of factors: large cities have more costly tickets; similarly, the more the demand, the more expensive the tickets. 

Thus, these are the main aspects, and we can say that the Bite Me Tour is one of the most anticipated tours. Visit their official website for additional information.

What Are The Tour Dates of the Bite Me Tour 2022?

  • 26 FEB Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 28 FEB Munich, Germany
  • 6 MAR Milan, Italy
  • 7 MAR Zurich, Switzerland
  • 9 MAR Hamburg, Germany
  • 10 MAR Berlin, Germany
  • 12 MAR Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2 MAR Lodz, Poland
  • 4 MAR Padova, Italy 14 MAR Cologne, Germany
  • 16 MAR Prague, Czech Republic
  • 17 MAR Vienna, Austria
  • 19 MAR Offenbach, Germany
  • 23 MAR Paris, France
  • 25 MAR Manchester, UK
  • 27 MAR London, UK
  • 28 MAR London, UK
  • 29 MAR London, UK
  • 31 MAR Brussels, Belgium
  • 3 MAY Moncton, CA
  • 4 MAY Halifax, CA
  • 6 MAY Quebec City, CA
  • 7 MAY Montreal, CA
  • 9 MAY Ottawa, CA
  • 10 MAY London, CA
  • 12 MAY Windsor, CA
  • 13 MAY Toronto, CA
  • 17 MAY Winnipeg, CA
  • 18 MAY Saskatoon, CA
  • 19 MAY Edmonton, CA
  • 21 MAY Calgary, CA
  • 22 MAY Calgary, CA
  • 24 MAY Vancouver, CA
  • 25 MAY Victoria, CA

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