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How to Watch Ariana Grande Fortnite Concert Live Stream? Start time, setlist & more


It’s time for Ariana Grande to continue her tour and Fortnite players have a chance to see the debut of the Rift Tour experience. But is anyone going? The 7 Rings Circus has been in town, so you’ll need your own ticket if you want any hope of seeing this concert.

The pop diva and singer is coming to Fortnite. She will be performing a free show on the island for all of her fans, but you can also get her iconic ponytail in-game if you are lucky enough!

Soon, Ariana Grande’s whistle tone should sound off as she arrives at battle royale island for a special concert that will be live-streamed worldwide via a YouTube channel called Twitch Plays Fortnite. To make this even more enticing we’ve seen reports suggesting that players might get rare skin adorned with long hair tied back into what became known as “The Pony” signature look,  something no one has ever done before.”

Ariana Grande will share the stage with other popular artists in Epic Games’ Fortnite shows. The developers have previously collaborated with Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Major Lazer for a series of leaks teasing Grande’s show which were all officially confirmed on Wednesday by the company itself via Twitter.

What’s the best way to get ready for kickoff? Read on and you’ll find out everything you need.

A comprehensive guide ahead of time can make all the difference when it comes to game day, and we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Here are some key points: The start times, a list of channels where football is playing live this weekend, how to tune in if your favorite team isn’t available locally, information about getting tickets or skins (or both), as well as an explainer that will help with downloading Madden Mobile before game day arrives.

Be prepared for a Grande performance. Judging by the previous events, Fortnite does not play around when it comes to hosting such concerts. Additionally, they have created an opportunity that is perfect for die-hard fans of Ariana.

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When will Ariana Grande Fortnite Concert start?

Epic Games has announced that they will broadcast the Fortnite World Cup Finals in five separate showtimes, beginning Friday and ending on Sunday. Each of these shows will have a different starting time slot for audiences across the globe to tune in during their respective work hours without having to worry about missing any live gameplay action.

The Fortnite event features a playlist of all the songs that have been featured on Ariana Grande’s tour.

You can watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection.

  • Show 1: Friday, August 6 starting at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT
  • Show 2: Saturday, August 7 starting at 2 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. GMT/ 1 p.m. CT/ 11 a.m. PT
  • Show 3: Sunday August 8 starting at 12 a.m. ET/ 5 a.m. GMT/ (08/07) 11 p.m. CT/ (08/07) 9 p.m. PT
  • Show 4: Sunday August 8 starting at 10 a.m. ET/ 3 p.m. GMT/ 9 a.m. CT/ 7 a.m. PT
  • Show 5: Sunday August 8 starting at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT

How to watch?

  • If you’re unfamiliar with Fortnite, now’s the time to get acquainted! It’s free-to-play and available on a surprisingly large number of platforms including PS5 (PS4), Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.
  • Download the latest update to be ready for event day. The upcoming meeting is right around the corner and you haven’t downloaded your newest software yet? You’re running out of time, so download it now. If there are any issues with downloading updates or anything else, let us know as soon as possible.
  • Launch the game early. Epic Games advises users to set their clocks ahead 60 minutes before showtime, so they can get ready for battle from a comfy couch and watch in peace.

How long is the Ariana Grande Fortnite concert?

While Epic has yet to announce this, Sony gave us a glimpse of what’s in store. The Rift Tour event will not only include the concert featuring Ariana Grande but also last 15 minutes.

Every virtual concert seems to be getting bigger, but the Fortnite World Cup is definitely on a whole different level. The event lasts for about an hour and it has attracted more than 30 million viewers in just two days since its debut last week. That might not seem like a lot of time – considering both Travis Scott and Marshmello’s concerts each lasted over one hour long – but this actually makes up all four hours that have been broadcasted so far.

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What will the Ariana Grande concert setlist be?

Ariana Grande, the queen of pop herself, will be performing at a Fortnite concert! We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for what songs she might perform and we think it could include her newest hit single “God Is A Woman.”

Ariana Grande has announced that he’s going to have an upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live this week and his new album “Sweetener” just came out last month so fans are speculating which song or two they’ll see him sing live from there as well.

Fans can expect to hear new and old songs from Ariana Grande’s discography on her tour. One of the best tracks from this album is “7 Rings” which features an infectious beat that will have you singing along in no time at all.

One YouTube reviewer said that the return of Ariana Grande after her hiatus is looking promising. The singer’s fans are crossing their fingers and toes in hope for a new song, but don’t get your hopes up too much because she might not release any new material at all! Either way, it’s sure to be an incredible live event no matter what happens with her music plans this time around.

What will be the Ariana Grande cosmetics and skin?

Fans of Ariana Grande may be interested to know that not only can they attend her concert in Fortnite but also purchase skin and matching cosmetics from the Item Shop.

It seems that the new song is taking over and everything Ariana Grande-related from her hair to outfits is now available in-game. If you want your outfit to match any of the versions she’s worn, then get started on some farming.

The newest addition for gamers with a wild side includes an entire set dedicated to one of their favorite musicians: Ariana Grande. This limited edition gear celebrates every look possible from vintage glamour all the way up to ‘Rift Goddess’ style (did we mention there’s also a piggy emoticon?). Gearheads can even show off their skills by playing as Piggy Smallz themselves thanks to this pickaxe back bling while gliding around Riftworld or chilling out at home.

Ariana Grande Fortnite event: Rewards and Rift Tour quests

The Fortnite Rift Tour has been a great success, and to show their gratitude for the player’s participation in-game they have released an exclusive concert ticket that can only be obtained by completing quests.

Be the first one to play Rift Tour. Starting today until August 8, you can go on quests that will push your skills and challenge what’s possible in VR!

You better be prepared to take part in a tournament for an awesome prize: bragging rights as our tour champion.

What’s better than a fluffy Cuddly Cloudcruiser? How about an adorable commemorative Umbrella from the show! If you don’t have one of these, then what are you waiting for?!

Every player who attends our shows will receive their very own collectible umbrella. Don’t worry if it rains outside because this little guy is always there to keep your head dry and make sure that cuddlesome feeling stays with you through thick and thin.

Fortnite is the most popular game in the world, and it’s not just because of its straightforward gameplay. Players have a variety of skins to choose from like this Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella that will be given free for those who log into Fortnite between August 5 (10 am ET) and August 9 (10 am ET). You can also get access to new items including an up-high loading screen showing off Skye’s journey as well as a Rift Tour-themed banner with any purchase made during these days.

Fortnite Crew active subscribers who log into the game between Aug 05, 10 AM EST & 08/09 at 10 AM EDT will receive The limited-edition rainbow cloud cruiser umbrellas – FREE.

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