Alicia Keys’ New Album Tour 2022: Schedule Dates & Ticket

Her full name is Alicia Augello Cook, but she is known as Alicia Keys in her professional career journey. She is not only a songwriter but also a classical pianist. Having a passion for music since she was twelve, Alicia went on the race to be a world-class singer at the age of fifteen when he assigned himself to a professional record company.

After five years, Alicia Keys launched her first album called ‘Songs in A Minor.’ The album was relatively successful, considering it as a debut album in the American music industry. This album helped him to come on the stage in front of international fans. The Billboard Hot 100 took her song “Fallin,” and the Recording Academy awarded her five Grammy for her new album.

In this article, we are here to discuss Alicia Keys’ tour in 2022 after her newly launched album ALICIA in 2020. So what are you thinking about? Let’s get on the main topic.

Alicia Keys tour 2022

Alicia Keys is the first woman who has an MTV unplugged album, and that was life. It happened in 2005. This piano girl is also a hip-hop star with numerous awards. She is the winner of 15 times competitive Grammy Awards and even in the NAACP Image Awards collection. 

Suppose we talk about her accomplishment in the music industry. Alicia tried to open herself only at the age of 13 in 1994. Do you know when her first album was released? It was in 2001, and that was “Songs In A Mirror.” So obviously, it takes a lot more time to figure out herself in front of the public. After that, she doesn’t need to stop. She played a very continuous role for the fans by releasing her album, taking just a gap of one or two years.

Alicia Keys tour in this year:

Alicia’s latest album, “Alicia” 2022 and that is the last update for her. Citizens have had a significant world tour since 2020. That’s why 2022 will be a considerable time for this pop star. There are many rumors out there, and here we are talking about them and trying to appear around the real possibilities for getting a fairy classy concert tour from Alicia Keys.

The health concern is continuing for a couple of years since people try to get back to their actual lives. There are an outstanding amount of possibilities to get awareness concerts and world tours by Alicia Keys as she is also a social worker not for her country but also the world. 

Alicia has many histories of promoting health awareness of dangerous and fatal diseases like HIV and AIDS in Africa and India and many other children and women-related movements. Also, she is the co-founder global ambassador of a famous international non-profit organization named “Keep A Child Alive.” In 2005, Keys’ took part in the worldwide life 8 concert and performed in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to increase awareness and collect funding for Africa’s people who lead their life under the poverty lines. Also, Seth publicly and protested against the G8 leaders to take rapid action about decreasing poverty in low-income countries.

Alongside her professional music tour, we can also expect a large amount of awareness programs in 2022.

Alicia Keys world tour 2022

Alicia typically does hard musical concerts in a particular quarter and runs it from the quarter’s start to the end. Observing from a recent couple of years, we saw this action on her world tour. In 2022 we can expect world tours in both domestic and international. The regular playtime is the middle of the year which means the starting of the third quarter, and it could last until the end of the third quarter, which is September. Moreover, this is just a rumor. All the schedules will be updated after the live announcement will arrive.

So keep patience. He will cover to keep his promise to you.

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Alicia Keys Tour schedule 2022

As the time will go up, we will refresh the full timetable with every one of the information you need. Stay with us and watch out for the site.

Alicia Keys Tour dates near you 2022

Until now, there is no confirmation from the authority. When we know something instructive from the authoritative sources, we can expect that Alicia Keys will give her appearance before us in any significant concerts this year.

Alicia Keys tour setlist 2022

Here are the probable music tracks which can be played by him on the road map of the 2022 music tour:

  • Girl On Fire
  • Empire State Of Mind, Part II: Broken Down
  • Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
  • If I Ain’t Got You
  • Fallin’
  • No One

There is also a section of encore from the fans:

  • Blended Family(What You Do For Love)
  • You Don’t Know My Name
  • 28 Thousand Days
  • In Common

Although there is no collection in the state list, as recently Alicia has just released his new album “Alicia,” they are excellent chances of adding the latest track on the album’s setlist. There is a remarkable collection of francs in the recent album. Century bonus chicken finds up to 17 tracks in the album of 2020.

Alicia Keys Tour tickets 2022

You get authentic tickets for the Alicia Keys tour 2022 from the official website of Alicia Keys. And you can also get the tickets from the distributor website. We always recommend going to the buying sites from the official websites of this artist. Alongside, you can also get tickets on TicketMaster, Songkick, EatMyTickets, StereoBoard, and Wegow. Stay with us. We will update the complete pricing of all classifications of seats and fans.

How much is the Alicia Keys Tour ticket price?

In most cases, Alicia Keys musical concert tickets can be priced at $210 on average. The price could be lower, starting from $51. And if you want to talk about VIP access, it is an extended section for which the price can live up to more than $600. Stay around with us. We will let you know the best deal out there in time.

How long is the Alicia Keys Tour concert?

It usually takes one and a half hours, sometimes more than that, to cover this generations’ favorite music star’s accurate tracks. Nearly 10-15 songs are covered at each concert, so this time is apparent.


That is about Alicia Keys’ tour 2022 and her live updates to you. We will add further instruction to the schedule as we get them. Keep your eye on before buying any Alicia Keys ticket, as we have mentioned the better deal in terms of ticket pricing and facilities. That is, for now, fare thee well.

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