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A Tribute and Heartfelt Remembrance to the Legendary George Harrison by the Honorable State Minister – Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak

George Harrison Tribute To Bangladesh
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When the indiscriminate genocide of Pakistani forces stunned people all over the world and when Bangladesh needed uninterrupted support, at that moment, former Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar organized “The Concert for Bangladesh” at Madison Square Garden, New York. 

1st August 1971, was the day not just for the people of Bangladesh, but also for humanity, for truth and justice. This special day will always remain special in the history of our nation. That five and half hour concert was not just highly significant for raising funds, it created a great awareness against the indescribable brutality and injustice done by the Pakistan army. 

Generation after generation will be remembering the contribution of these two true friends of Bangladesh with the deepest respect and utmost honor.  In this 21st century,  when Bangladesh, is doing tremendously well in every sector under the uncompromising leadership of our honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina,  we warmly remember all our friends over the world with appreciation and gratefulness. The history of Bangladesh will never be complete without their names and contributions.

The honorable state minister of information and technology division, the government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh Zunaid Ahmed Palak, is made his valuable statement in recognition of the contribution of the greatest George Harrison and Pandit Ravi Shankar.  This is our moral responsibility to remind each and every single friend of  us who helped Bangladesh to become what it is today

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Written by Emil Hasibul

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