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20 Effective Tips To Build A (Loyal) Fanbase In 2021

Fanbase means support, push, and celebration. Especially in this era of social media, fanbase matters a lot for any artist. But when it comes to music, there are certain things you need to concentrate on for building a great fanbase. Being a musician, you can’t just ignore the impact of having a good fanbase. There would be so many great musicians who are certainly making good music. But the fanbase is not growing as well as they expected. This might break one’s confidence. But interestingly, only good music can’t make you a good fanbase.

If you’re also wondering how to build a fanbase? Here in this article, you’ll get some exciting tips to get a great fan base for a musician.

Why does a musician need a good fanbase? 

A fanbase means bunches of people following a particular public figure. An artist gets a fanbase after days of hard work and sleepless nights. Now you might think, why is fanbase so crucial for a musician’s career? 

Let’s dig deeper here to get the answer.

From the beginning of one’s career till success, a musician relies on his/ her fanbase. In this platform of music, having the success of a musician with 0 followers would be more demanding than one with so many followers. Social media is somehow deciding a career. Your fanbase will spread your work as well as consume it. Moreover, when you’re publishing your small or big projects on social media, it would be an excellent plus point to get views. 

You would also need people to get revenues, acceptance, and appreciation for the views. These people push you to do better in your job. As a follower, you would love to observe your favorite persona anyhow. Once you do something positive and extra, the whole world gets conscious of your life. That’s when you receive the push for your music career.

How a fanbase helps your music career?

You already know why a musician needs a fanbase but do you know how your fanbase helps you? A pretty similar but vital thing to see if you’re new to this concept. A fanbase can’t be anyhow ignored in this platform.

After all, they’re the people who’ll be purchasing or consuming your work. This is precisely a fanbase that gets so important. You make the people pleased, and they buy/stream//download your music. Even you get the shares and appreciation from your fanbase only.

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20 Effective Tips To Build A (Loyal) Fanbase In 2021

What things control the fanbase?

Well, certain things control one’s fanbase. If someone needs to hold or grow the fanbase, these things should certainly be avoided in public. Let’s give a check on these facts:

  • Never get harsh/ mean to your fans. This makes a negative image of you. And people start disliking you and ignore your works.
  • Engagements with fanbase through your social media are critical. 
  • Communication with potential fans helps a lot to make a progressive image of you.
  • Stay down to earth and kind to people. Remember, if people can’t relate to you, they won’t follow you.
  • Learn how to hear from fans. You need to catch what they’re demanding, responding and answering. This will make a two-way conversation with your fans.
  • Communicate with emotion. Acting like a robot can discourage your fans.
  • The fanbase will grow with your fame. The giant star, the greater his/her fanbase is.

20 tips for building a great fanbase

Well, the fanbase would be those people who’ll be supporting you on your journey. If you’re a musician, your music success will only depend on how they are taking you. Surprisingly, gathering a good fanbase is not an easy task. Moreover, you can’t ignore the importance of having a fanbase in one’s career. Here you’ll get 20 interesting tips that can get you a great fanbase:

Know your Audience

The most vital thing of the whole concept is your audience. If someone is working in music, he/she needs to find out the targeted audiences. Not everyone will love the same type of songs. So, you can’t expect all people to hear you or value your work. 

You need to focus on your targeted audiences. And for that, find out which one is your targeted audience. Once you got your target, it would be much easier to focus on your work. In this way, you’ll be able to build your comfort zone. This comfort zone makes you improve your style. To push your career, know your style, and improve your work, you need to decide your audience.

This will give an identity to you and your style of the world. Every musician has their own set of targeted audiences as hip hop lovers will like only the raps. The classical people will only find the cold songs adorable. Also if you’ve any idols in music, try to follow their path of pleasing audiences.  

Identify your Genre

To target a particular bunch of people for your music, you need to decide the niche you want to work on. And in the music niche means the comfort genre of yours. Genre indicates the style of category one intends to follow.

Well, it’s not necessary that you only have to compose one type of song. But every musician has a particular comfort zone. For example, you can look up to the most excellent musicians in life. Tylor Swift is famous for her heartbreaking and breaks up songs. Also, Charlie puth, Shawn Mendes, Stephen puth are adored for the pop numbers.

Once you pick your genre, it gets super easy to target your audiences. The more you focus on your genre, the more you would get to please your fans. Also, performing in the comfort zone would undoubtedly improve your work. Besides, people who only follow one genre would have the great potentiality to follow you. By these facts, your fanbase will indeed grow.

Use Social media platforms

Social media is the most robust platform to gather a great fanbase. Especially when it comes to music, the internet has expanded the opportunities. And social media has been the greatest weapon in the entire process. 

Social media can gather anyone with a great fanbase with a little bit of activeness and creativity. Well, if you’re a musician, obviously, your talent would be the first ingredient to make your social media platforms fulfill. This itself will attract people towards you. All you would need to do is, explore all the social media platforms and show your best there.

Also, this will make a two-way conversation with people. As: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter will reach your regular life chores to the fans. Because fans obviously would love to know more about you and your life. You can show up your work there too. This will make a good number of people get interested in you.

Stay updated on social media platforms

Well, only being on social media platforms is not enough. You need to be up[dated on these platforms. Not everyone is an extrovert or loves to share their lives. But if you follow the other stars, you would find many of those having a separate team for handling all these accounts on social media.

As people nowadays stick to their phones, there would be no other way of connectivity than social media. From school students to the prime minister, everyone is on these platforms. That’s the reason celebrities are more likely to act on their social media accounts.

Fans want to know more about their idol. If you post a few stories or shares a day, this will help you build a good fanbase. Also, try to get connected with fans publicly on the internet. You might not want to reply to all the DMs, But certainly repost the days, shares, or appreciate your potential fans on your account. Well, hiring a team just to do that would be too much more a newcomer. That you can go for after being a massive star. 

Convert your Social media accounts

Well, being a celebrity, you can’ use your regular messy account. In that case, you need to understand what vibes you want to create on the fanbase. Moreover, you would need to be extra careful to stay alert from hacking.

The vital thing you should do is, convert your social media accounts. Well, there would be various social media platforms with multiple features. Try to explore and understand all these features. 

  • Go to Instagram and change your account type into a creator.
  • Upgrade your bio and put something ambitious to attract your fanbase
  • Upgrade your Facebook page and group with your niche.

While upgrading all these things, have the hand of someone expert on social media. This will certainly help you to have a fantastic impression on social media.

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Explore all the social media 

You never know from where you’re going to gather opportunities. Well, exploring all the social media accounts for fanbase would never be a bad idea. You need to go through all these social media platforms to gather a fanbase. 

You can go through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and all other platforms taht are trending on social media. Indeed, some you’ll find irritating. But here on social media, you’re doing everything to impress others. Moreover, when it comes to building a fanbase., everything will be a step towards building your image. 

So, it’s essential to explore every social media platform. Here you’ll find various types of people having multiple choices. This will get you more opportunities and certainly get you a considerable fanbase. 

Make good music for your audiences

Well, ultimately, your fanbase will judge you over your talent. You can attract people with good looks, speaking skills, or dressing sense. But the music or talent will drive your impression. 

Making good music should be the first thing to follow up on. Nowadays, audiences try to do great work with your lyrics. Only autotunes are not enough these days. Fans look for relatability. Even in the party songs, theft looks for iconic and unique numbers.

To get a good fan base, give time to your lyrics. Instead of having the song ready in an hour, give it a thought. Good things come with patience. Well, you might get success with trashy lyrics for a few sponges. But when the time will change after years, people would consider you as the trashy contributor to the industry. To make good music, you would also need money. Spend enough talent, time, and money and give a cheer to your success.

If you don’t want to be remembered or followed for negativity, working well on the music would be the best thing to do.

Make yourself a brand

Well, brand means the quality of certain things. You can have your own band or go for making yourself a brand. For that, indeed, you will need to compose outstanding music. Once you succeed in showing up your talent, the world will know you by one name. Well, some also use the stage name for creating extra vibes. 

Making yourself, a brand provides you an identity in music. People who don’t even like music will follow you to get to knowing about you. You would be a book to read for the world. 

So, work on your talent and be an individual brand to the world. Well, if you have a band, that’s also an identity. But all these brands aren’t brands. Only good music can give you that individuality among all. But have things in a way that makes you memorable. You can push yourself towards negative branding too.

If you want to spread all the positive vibes, you should always need to stay conscious while making choices. 

Make your music available.

Make your music an easy-to-get thing. In this technology era, no one spends hours of time and bucks to get a good song. The only reason behind it is, the music is available on the internet.

You’ll find all the famous musicians or artists releasing their songs on the internet. Before the tech era arrived, audiences used to spend massive time just to catch an album. Can you use your social media accounts? Youtube videos to promote your music. Eleven these days, people love to publish song teasers to grab attractions.

Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple music are the popular sites that consist of song premiers. Even the music videos are released on these sites. Technology has made everything easier for both the audiences and musicians. Fans can enjoy the live stream songs anytime. Even the downloading options are available now.

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Effective Tips To Build A (Loyal) Fanbase In 2021

Try to make your music available. If the work is adorable, people will download and stream the work.

Play live shows

Live shows are an ever-green component to the audiences. Not only the music but also the live music atmosphere makes everyone excited. If you’re new on this platform, try to p[articvipate in live music shows. Well, being a newcomer arranging individual live shows would be tough. In that case, you can go to the co-concerts.

People would observe your vibes, voice, and style at these concerts. Once you succeed in making a friendly vibe, the fanbase will grow itself. Research the music careers of famous musicians. You will find so many musicians creating their career boost through live shows and concerts. 

So, try to play at every possible concert at the beginning. The famous and popular musicians are seen to arrange individual concerts. These shows help to boost your career.

Stay Transparent to your fans.

Nobody loves a hypocrite or fake persona. This certainly makes your image hostile towards the world. Try to stay honest with your statements, lifestyle. Well, obviously, here you’re doing everything to make fans pleased. But that doesn’t mean to be someone you’re not. 

Authenticity in your work and persona both are equally important. For example, the copy music and songs get banned in the industry after a few days. They even can destroy your whole career. Always try to stay cholera with your music and attitude.

Try not to declare any kind of statement that you don’t believe in yourself. Being a public figure, your every step and work gets observed by the media. Even if your statement don; ’t have anything to do with your professional life, it will be followed. Doing something fake or inappropriate can drive your fanbase away.

So, try to stay honest with your fans with your work and statement. If you’re promoting fitness, stay away from drinking alcohol. If you’re announcing yourself as an original song creator, try to avoid copy songs. This will destroy your career as well as your image.


Once you’ve known your niche and audiences, The next thing you should do is collaborate. You can collaborate with the artist who’s working on the same niche as yours. This will boost both of your careers. 

Again, if you want to follow the famous musicians, you would find them doing the exact thing. The musicians often go on a world tour by collaborating. The same thing they do on youtube channels. To promote them and their works, the musicians collaborate with various artists. 

Collaborating has always been the most effective way to grow audiences or fanbase. You can collaborate with films or movies too. If one song gets a lot of attention, various movies or series offer the song collaboration. This will obviously increase your fame and audiences. You can collaborate with multiple companies too.

Don’t expect all these at a glance.

Well, expectations are reasonable, but over-expectation will undoubtedly drive you to depression. Never higher your limits more than enough.

Gathering a good fanbase has never been so easy. There would be many people who are working in the industry for years but still don’t own a great fanbase. Your luck and hard work should prefer to get a good fanbase. Always stay focused on your content and authenticity. Success may come slowly but will undoubtedly arrive at your door. Expecting too much may break your enthusiasm easily.

Whether you’re winning ten audiences or thousands, always stay focused on your work. You can gain a huge fanbase and still lose it because of your adorable works. Make sure your kinds of music are impressive enough to attract a fanbase. Else no tips or tricks will help you to build a fanbase.

Always be Humble

Always try to stay humble. Well, it’s evident that everyone doesn’t have the courage to maintain all these pressures.

That makes many celebrities do many uncertain things. Sao, always try to be humble among people you should treat not only the fans but also your haters. If you ever do or say any inappropriate thing, this might affect your image. Public figures always face these types of hassles or crazy fans everywhere. You need to remember this is a part of your great fanbase.

Doing any harsh behavior with any of them will harm your career. So, always try to stay humble, speak softly, and smile. This rule is not only for beginners, and you should always follow this vital thing throughout your entire career. Many artists get arrogant once they’ve gained enough popularity. But always remember, gaining the fanbase is more manageable than holding the fanbase. Try to stick with your fanbase.

Email – marketing

Well, marketing is not just for products. You can undoubtedly promote anything or anyone through email marketing.

Email is known as one of the easiest ways of direct communication. Social media are good enough. But there, you don’t contact certain fans directly. Email gives you that formal and natural way to let your fans update about your recent releases. 

Well, not only the release, the latest promotions, updates are also notified through emails. Well, in this case, you or your team should stay conscious about avoiding too much poking. Sending too many notifications or emails can make things go wrong. 

Now, you might be having so many questions about this marketing thing. Well, this is nothing rocket science that will bother you. You can simply spend some time and energy learning the whole thing. But handling the entire thing would stand tough for you. In this case, you can take help[ of your manager or team. 

Well, these are the works that can’t be done without help. That’s why celebrities spend a lot of money on a team. If you’re new and don’t own enough money to spend on a team, just go for the manager. You can hire a helping hand who would be able to help you out with all these facts that you find a difficult catch.

To hold a good fanbase, stay connected and reserved at the same time.

Try PR Campaigns

Well, the wisest thing to increase fanbase would be spending good time on PR. If you don’t, PR, this can be considered the extreme obstacles of yours. Pr campaigns are supreme components to build a loyal fanbase.

Well, no, you might think about how to do this PR campaigning. To enable the campaigning, all you would need to do is, go searching for the right publications. You will find so many good journals that are searching for good content. Well, if your content is extreme, PR campaigning will be the root change for you.

To know more about PR campaigning, do good research on blogs, podcasts, critics, or outlets. These things will certainly give you an idea or push towards success. And obviously, these campaigns hit another level of popularity.

Work on your content

Always remember that your content is your identity. Keep working on your content to make a good fanbase in your career.

Your content should have diversity. If you’re working on music, try to bring creativity to your work. Also, try to deliver messages or spread awareness through your work. Nowadays, audiences are smart enough. They search for content and quality. Your work should contain good quality as well as good content.

Well, many think that content gets famous just because of money. This is not entirely a true statement. Well, you would need money to make your work better. But at the end of everything, the quality will pop up in your hard work. 

So, keep aside all these hassles and keep working on your content. The audience will undoubtedly appreciate your effort one day.

Arrange Contests

Well, contests are more effective than anyone can imagine. If you observe the industry’s big stars or celebrities, you will find this as a tradition.

On various occasions, the artists arrange giveaways or contests on their social media platforms, which helps in two ways. You’re getting to spread entertainment through the competition. OPn the other hand, this is making a two-way conversion.

In some cases, you’ll find artists offering live dinner with them as a gift. This thing is effective in holding up your fanbase. Moreover, the connection with your fans gets stronger. That also works as your appreciation and encouragement.

How small the contest or giveaway is, you’ll undoubtedly gain few followers on your social media accounts. Also, this will gather curiosity among those people who never got to hear from you. This thing works more like a push to your fanbase.


Communication would be the key to your fan-holding process. Well, one-way communication is never going to help.

You should realize that your fans want to hear from you. But never spend too much time on social media to communicate. This will certainly hamper your work life. It’s better if you take this communicating thing as a part of your professional task. IN this way, the introverts will make the communication thing in a better way.

However best your work is a certain level of healthy communication is a must with your fans. That’s the reason people hire managers or teams to handle social media accounts. As social media is the most effective way of communicating, everyone suggests being active celebrities on social media. In today’s time, you’ll find hardly any artist who is not on social media. Besides, the campaigns, concerts, meet-ups are other ways of communication.

These things will undoubtedly help you to communicate. So, if someone wants to get a loyal fanbase, healthy communication would be a must with fans.

Learn Social media Tactics. 

The most popular social media are facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube. If someone needs to promote themselves or anything, special media can stand as a great weapon. 

Especially in this techie world, everyone and everything is all about marketing. All these social media platforms have become more than just communication. Now with these can promote or sell your work.

These are the most significant part of digital marketing. Well, To gather enough fanbase, you should know these social media tactics. Well, some don’t find enough time to learn all these things. You can hire a team also if you’ve got enough bucks. Rather than that, you should do good research on how things get boosted up or what gets viral on social media. 

The simple steps can get you a good number of people following you.

These are the proven 20 tips to get you a good fanbase. Well, getting a loyal fanbase is an arduous task to do. But with maintaining and balancing all these fast, you’re going to get a great fanbase. A great fanbase will undoubtedly support you. 


Well, the best thing to try for getting a fanbase would be hard work. Aside from that, the article has explained 20 tremendous easy to get a good and loyal fanbase. Your fanbase is the thing that sticks with you with your entire journey. This fanbase can motivate you, discourage you, or push you. Follow the mentioned things to catch a great fanbase pon your entire career. Thanks for reading., hope this article was a great help for you. I wish you all the very best with your bright future.

Written by Allison

Allison J Moore is a 23-year-old town counsellor who enjoys reading, walking and social media. She is stable and exciting, but can also be very selfish and a bit lazy. She is USA. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is obsessed with over-knee socks.


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